Crikey It's a Tad Nippy

We’ve bought 33 dollar weekly travel cards  and making the most of them.  We ventured out first thing, it was minus 6 and a tad nippy.   We fed the fridge a few more bits to tide it over.

Our young Max put on 6 layers of clothes.    We bimbled downhill to the park and fuelled by weak coffee, watched the tail end of an ice skating competition then jumped on the Number 1 tram into town.

The day passed in a  blur of hours and hours of walking, having a great burger, buying some lovely Sketchers on 5th Avenue,  dipping into Trump Tower which is barricaded and everything you carry is scanned.  I met what I thought was a young police lass who must have looked like she was 15, but no - she was secret service. 

I was amused by the lift attendant repeating “oh no oh no oh no” when someone handed him a small lost bag… he freaked a little, called for backup where three of his colleagues turned up to escort it to the scanners and the secret service girl took control of it.   A young chap came looking for the bag and was pointed back to the scanners and the police made him stand still while he, and the bag was inspected.   All the while I watched the drama all unfold from a bench waiting for Matt to return from exploring.

Now at home with cartoonish throbbing feets and a gorgeous pot of Tea and a bottle of Blue Moon Beer.