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Jane can’t crawl to the pc right now please leave a message for her feet after the Beep.

I walked Jane everywhere today, we started off at a leisurely pace with three things to check off the list.  First was The Strand Bookstore with 18 miles of books where she picked up a “Fuck off, I’m Reading” mug, devoured a healthy salad bowl for lunch and then I walked Jane to the Hospital - no, she didn’t fall over.   See I can even read people’s minds - tis a curse of mine.    There’s this hospital drama she likes called New Amsterdam and it’s shot in a beautiful hospital on 1st Avenue.   It was like walking onto a set - we had a nice chat with the guard who has worked there forever.

We then picked up a whole handful of Milk Duds, this made Jane incredibly happy (nearly as happy as the Hospital visit). 

Finally we went to Grand Central Station and looked up at the gorgeous ceiling.  Headed back to Time Square and then hopped on the No.1 tram.  

Jane will be back to normal tomorrow, she is just tapping out this evening.

Love from the Swollen Feet Kicking Ass across NYC