The Longest Day

There’s much to be said for being picked up early-o’clock in the morning, but it does mean your brain doesn't switch off for fear of missing the pick-up.   My day ahead is fuelled by one gorgeous hour of sleep (I also blame Pluralsight - it is chock full of brain candy and I downloaded soooooo many courses and started to dig,  so that didn't help in getting in any real sleep).

It was the most stress-free arrival at the airport and we glided through fast-track and blinked when seated in front of a veggie/hashbrown sandwich.

I think I had the best seat on the plane, tucked into a corner with two windows and no foot traffic and I pressed every button and switch around me.  I am #NotAPrincess but will now only fly If I can lie down flat.  Matt saving up those Airmiles for at about four years finally paid off.  #StrawberriesDippedinChocolate, #Icecream offered from a basket on waking up and oodles of #EarlGrayTea in ChinaCups. 

Arrived at the flat, way up on 147th Street in Harlem full of Brownstones.  Broadway is the main road lined with bodegas and dollar stores.   Our street is super steep, each foot fall is like climbing stairs, if we had let go of our suitcases they would have wobbled down the road and then bobbed into the Hudson River at the bottom of our street.  Without glasses it looked like a giant field.  It’s way too cold for glasses so I am going to blurry for a few days until it warms up.    Filled up the fridge with cheese and then went into Town.   We spent a few hours criss-crossing streets between 35th and 47th streets (so Madison Square Garden where Elton is playing, Time Square, sports shop after sports shop (as Max hunted IceHockey Gear) and we glimpsed Radio City and the Empire State Building where sunlight bounced off the buildings but never soaked into the skin.   Within a few hours I was more than asleep on my feet and time to head back to the flat after our first exciting adventure.

The tram lines were decorated with icicles and my face felt like had been grated.  By 6pm I was back at the flat and snoring for 12 gorgeous hours not long after 7.

Tomorrow my socks need socks and my hat needs an under-hat.  I should start my own clothing brand.  Hot Head to Toes.