Day 14: A trip back in time

We are on the road again, this time to step into a new state which we hadn't planned.  Heading from the busy town of Alberqueque up to Window Rock.  Window rock is in a Navajo reservation and is named because of the rock that has a hole through it.  

We kept hopping back onto route 66 and it kept kicking us off at dead ends.  I found a beautiful bracelet that was a good 800 dollars but "only" 560 or so with the discount.... I reluctantly handed it back.  I am taking photos again with the light lens so I can hold the camera with one hand.

We passed the pottery lady and picked up another piece (she didnt really remember us and gave us similar stories like last year), chased crazy long trains down dusty roads and even passed Coolidge (sorry for not getting the picture Jody) i had two goes to snap it and failed each time.  We were not going to do a dance with the dogs so carried on.

The journey took about 7 hours (kept taking right turns off the route where we find the good stuff of the holiday).

Rested our heads at the Quality Inn in Window Rock and slept like a snoring log.  Tip:  Frozen mac n cheese isn't brilliant. Ice cold night and parched dry day.