Day 15: The day before Monument Valley

Oh  yes we are hunting Big Things, heading up the cusp of Monument Valley in Arizona.  The landscape changed frequently and rapidly.  Started the day at Window Rock in New Mexico - driving up into a green forest that was quite bizarre in the middle of what is a desert just outside of St Michaels.  The green forest flattened back into sand dunes when we neared Ganado and the Hubble Trading Post which was a little difficult to find.  We did find a few narrow dirt roads but nope that wasnt the trading post.  


At the Trading Post I made friends with a black and white cat.  I named him Harold and he craved headrubs and did his best to trip me up a few times.

We stopped off to look at scenic valleys and red/blue hills - strips of coloured ribbon filled the landscape.


Deep valleys raised into sharp mountains as we neared Kayenta, this is the village that the tip of Monument Valley.