Day 13: Bimbling and no caps

Woke to birds singing and watched the sun rise from the balcony in my pjs.  Today was a bimble day and had fizzy orange juice for breakfast.  not sure if it should be fizzy - that might bite me later.  i am typing one handed so leaving out the caps so i can type more words.  a one handed world is very different and everything takes so much longer to do with lids on things turning into a crypton factor challenge.

no photos for a bit but please read matts blog that is dotted with pics.

i put my map reading skills to the test and we bimbled into the plaza with matt and jules snapping pics of doors and quirky signs.  stopped off for the best coffee in the world, found the palace which is a sinle story adobe building, the basilica where the first native female indian was sainted and a swishy skirt.  jules found an amazing cowboy skirt.

back to the car and pointed it at the airport for jules to continue her holiday, but took diverts for pizza, a book shop, a mormon monument and to dance with six lanes of cars and rush hour at departures.

back to the hotel for salad, planning the next day and a restful evening.  if you are wondering, the orange juice didnt bite me.