Day 12: Photoshoot, breaking bad and not breaking my wrist

After a humid night of not sleeping much, set off in excitement.  Today was all about Qwerty staring with Jules in an author photoshoot.  We took many photos, it was really fun and I hope that I have snapped a corker or two.  Time will tell.

Then we headed off to the café of breaking bad.  I need to give watching this another go.  Matt spotted THE RV that is now being used as a tour bus.  I was more keen to see the giant ostrich in the lot and wondered over to say hello.  eyeball to eyeball through a fence and my fingers were saved by the group of tourists shouting a warning.  fingers saved.  Ericthe ostrich and I just blinked at each other instead. 

We had order number 13 in the café and spilt salt so threw it over my shoulder and matts to avert bad luck.  phew.

with full stomachs we set off for Santa Fe.  It really is a treasure.  The hotel was perfect.  Within 15 mins I had fallen over.  Feets are OK.  Don't worry Oonagh and Sam I can still bounce.  My arm looked oddly swollen and wouldn't move.  We couldn't pass up the option of including the local emergency room on our holiday.  Despite the pain Matts comfort was certainly needed.  I wasn't brave during xrays while they tried to twist my arm to take pics.  A few hours, large bill, later I am sporting ice packs and a sling.  A sprain and what looks like a corker of a bruisenow across elbow.  I knew I didn't throw enough salt over my shoulder earlier in the day.

The only way to celebrate said fall was dinner out washed down with Margaritas and Whisky.