Day 3: Rocks and Wildlife

Day 3 started with Bagels and the Worst Cawfee in the World.  

We pointed the car at the rocks and headed out, past the entrance to Arches National Park and the Umtra project ( where much Uranium is being relocated.  If I start glowing do let me know.

We hung a right into red sand with green hills and I made an impression before killing my battery and deciding to return to the hotel for my spare battery and charger (doh).  Amateur photographer mistake.


We discussed naming the typewriter - Matt said Querty was the obvious answer but I shouldn't name things as it will be hard to leave it behind.  So Querty it is.... we might be bringing the typewriter back home after all.

Heading back to the hotel to pick up the spare battery and the rocks seemed happy to see us.


When heading to Yellowcat there were many gorgeous landscapes


Matt has eagle eyes and spotted a furry thing in Yellowcat which was simply a road without buildings that didn't stop... we did a U-turn 30 minutes in as we were getting close to nowhere.    Not quite sure if it is a meercat or prairie dog..   I shall call it Sandy.   It has been named so we are bringing it home. 


Cisco was a Ghost Town.  Full of abandoned buildings and amusing signs.


Hunt Number 2 for the day was Sego Canyon, to look at ancient Indian rock art. 


We had early dinner in a Dinner in MOAB, and then headed to the hotel to refresh and go to the pub..... sadly I fell onto the bed and didn't wake up till dawn - the altitude is quite tiring.   Tomorrow we go dinosaur hunting.