Day 4: Canyonlands and Dinosaurs

94 miles clocked up today.   We had a vague plan to round up dinosaurs and look at rocks.  Rocks came first in the form of the Canyonlands National Park.

Driving out of Moab again I was struck by the vivid red unrelenting rocks against the sharp blue sky.  The town is gripped in a vice hug of sheer rock, it isn't calming.  I don't think I could live here year round.  It is an economy driven by its surroundings.

As you head out of Moab the oppressive walls open up and melt into the landscape.  Roads that point upwards as you climb out of the mountains to skate along the top of them.  Canyonlands here we come.

At one point we had a whole lot of sky...  It was a joy.


At the Canyonlands you could drive or hike.  Some trails needed high clearance cars with 4x4 wheels.  Some people came prepared with Giant Cars with a good foot of clearance and wheels you see on monster trucks. We spent a few hours driving and taking photos.


We then snapped lots of dinos... I have only added one here but if you REALLY want to see them all I can provide a blow-by-blow slideshow.   *landscape real... dinos are wobbly plastic.


We headed back to the hotel to plan our last day as we wend our way to Monticello in the morning.