Day 2: Hills

Work up with the excited holiday feeling... while Matt had read through the night.   We had orange juice while watching the sun come up.  We had a hilly view from our room.  Early afternoon I managed to trap my finger in a chair and grow an impressive blood blister but it didn't stop the photos.  

These pointy specimens were near our hotel.

pointy hills-1.jpg

Chatted to a lovely lady in Walmart who doesn't have a day off... and today is Columbus Day, where Trump wanted people to have flags flying.  The Walmart lady thinks its about Columbus discovering a flat earth.   

Yesterday when I mentioned red patchy hills we got close enough to see why they were red.  Pinky red trees!

red hills.JPG

Matt captured a Big Thing.

big man.jpg

as well as a train...


and then the landscape opened up into softer sand hills and very very very long roads with big skies.

more hills.JPG

We ended the evening drinking Dead Horse Ale over the road.  We are now in MOAB, Utah for three nights.