Day 5 - Three States

We hoped we would find a Kansas sticker to add to our collection, we went from shop to shop in Baxter Springs with no joy.  Matt also couldn't find a hat for his hot head.  It was disappointing but the town was unique and lovely all the same.

We then crossed into Oklahoma and the first town was Quapaw.  It had a giant mural and a tiny one room house serving as it's city hall.   We were waved at by a police women.  I have this compulsion to wave at police peoples.

We passed through Commerce which is a town that had a sign advertising the next (so it wasn't that fabulous).   Miami was certainly a bigger town, we stopped for lunch at the KuKu where I didn't eat a fish sandwich as it was slimy.  Matt added it was mother roading awful.

We tried to find the largest totem pole in Foyil but apparently it wasn't big enough to spot bit we did capture a giant whale in Catoosa.  A man built it for his wife.  He was 60 at the time and took two years to complete.  Now that is love.  I have ordered a giant rabbit version from Matt.

At Narcissa we took pics of ruin down barn and a train crossing sign.

As we travel west, cows were standing in lakes to keep cool it reached 97o f by late pm.  

Looked up a motel whilst drinking coffee opposite an honest to goodness Trump rally office.  Matt initially thought it was someone's idea of a joke while its family was away on hols

Raced to Stroud and the Skylight's Motel, it was a lovely town and also had a great rock cafe.  The room was  quaint with two beds and a fridge that didn't work. I really could have stayed another day.