Day 6 - Stepping into Texas

The day started early.  Apparently I snored like a trucker but slept like a princess.  I think Matt thought about sleeping in the car.

Over breakfast of apple crepes, the waitress told us of someone wanting weeefeee and she didn't have a clue, resorting to handing him a menu.  He was simply requesting wi-fi.  

Back on the road to meet the author of the route 66 bible who lives in Chandler.  On route Matt saved a life when a motorbike stopped working in front of us, and toppled over.   He helped him pick up his bike which was a dead weight.  Two others also rushed over to lend a hand.   We didn't meet the author but got photos instead.

We then blitzed through a pile of towns to grab sunset pics of two ghost towns.

Highlights were:

  • Warwick - A bike museum andthe first plumbed in loo in the state
  • At 10:55 am bursting through 1000 mile marker
  • Arcadia - Pop restaurant and giant 60 ft bottle
  • Fort Reno - chatted to a veteran who retired three years ago.  He owns hundreds of horses and even more cattle.  A proper cowboy soldier.  

Now settled in s Route 66 motel just over the border in Texas.  We will be exploring this state over a few days.