Day 4 - Uranus to Joplin

Thanks to Matt, our first stop was the best start of the day.  In Uranus.  I was amused from start to finish.  I was very tempted to buy a hillybilly nut scratcher.  Oh yes indeed.  We had seen signs to Uranus the day before, my favourite was "exit for fudge packets in Uranus".

The basic route for today had 5 towns..... In fact we stopped at 16, two of which were ghost towns.  Highlights were:

  • Devils Elbow - walked over part of a bridge in the town which was named because  of a sharp bend in the river that caused log jams.
  • St. Robert - to buy a new camera as mine conked out and stopped auto focusing
  • Waynesville  - where we spoke to a lovely chap caled Pat who filled up our car and worked there 45 years.  He gave matt a numberplate
  •  Somewhere on route, matt chatted to some criminals out working
  • Buckhorn - to snap a picture of a GIANT bowling  pin
  • Lebanon - stopping off at the famous Munger Moss Motel.  Buying stickers for the suitcase.
  • Conway - where kids drove themselves home....  they looked 12
  • Avilla - a ghost town where we popped into  bar and had iced tea and was offered radishes fresh from the ground by a tipsy man driving a buggy.
  • Carthage - a 1950s neon hotel called Boots Court.  Pixie gave us a tour of her establishment and we were tempted to stay.

Tomorrow we aim the car at Kansas and clip its corner before heading into Oklahoma.