Day 3 - Into Missouri

Im tucked up in bed wrapped in sheep PJs which matt picked up at Walmart

Photos will be uploaded when I get a couple of days in one place.  The days are long and exciting.

Woke up after the best nights sleep ever but it was 6.30 am people. Holidays are for sleeping but we are not on holiday,  we are on an adventure.   Not even Matt's snoring stirred me as I was catching up with the zzzzs.  Awake and refreshed our first stop was at the Rabbit Ranch in Staunton that a huge amount of photo ops.   We spent an hour chatting with the owner who has 11 real rabbits and other vehicles also called  rabbits.

We did  a lot more driving and we've ended the day a few miles from Devils Elbow, half way through Missouri.  Isn't that a stonking great name?  

In between the begining and end of the day, Matt ate a pickled sausage, (I know it smelled as horrific as it sounded) and no, he isnt pregnant.  A welcome cold chocolate milkshake at white castle, and veggies and humous for dinner at a hotel decorated like swinging London in the 60s.

Today we think we discovered a ghost town that was cremated because it was flooded with dioxinxs by some numpty maintaining the roads.  This town was called Times Beach, today it is a field after it was cremated. 

At Fanning we discovered another BIG THING:  the largest rocking chair. 

We also found a giant ketchup bottle (water tower) and amused a local as we were obvious tourists.