Day 2 - Finding Lincoln

We had dawn breakfast before dawn at Dixie Diner.  They were in THE BOOK of Route 66.   I ate pancakes but more importantly coffee was good.   Chatted to another customer who was very nice but he couldn't understand my English - need to slow down.   He was very keen advise us how to avoid St. Louis (Vigilance mode re-engaged) but it was painful as the instructions kept changing and was a blur of Interstate numbers and exits.  He was a trucker who looked like he had had a hard life with too many miles on the road.  

Matt suggested we pop by a place called Funk Grove as dawn rose.  Beautiful and eerie.  Misty place full of giant containers we would later learn could have possibly been Syrup Vats.

We then discovered a treasure called Atlanta. I was expecting a city but charming picturesque town that was characterful.  I will upload pics later but the Launderette was a book store and full of old music and you could buy someone's pants (trousers) for four dollars.

Atlanta was the town of murals, a smiling yellow tower and the first of the BIG THINGS: GIANT BUNYAN MAN holding a mahoosive hotdog.   

More to add later....

coming up - Lincoln that wasn't really Abe Lincoln

Springfield that was all about Abe Lincoln

A real bed !