Day 1 - My first photo through to when we almost didn't sleep...

My first logged photo is of a train.  Well part of a train.  I tried a few times as neither the train or the car were static.  

Matt quickly got used to the controls of an automatic.  He commented that only one foot would be needed.  He could tap dance with the other.   He then taught me about the TV mode of the camera at the same time I had accidentally added delayed seconds to photo capture.  Struggled to take pics. I'm such a numpty.  Safer for all if the camera also remains in automatic mode.

We saw a petrol sign with neon glowing prices.  Yes we were in ,merica.  We need to add another question to the list: What does Def at the pump mean? 

I tried capturing my first Historic Route 66sign, and was failing miserably.  Tis tricky as they sneak up on you sooooo fast.  Finally caught one, then I got the knack of it and captured lots.  Should open a zoo for shy road signs.  We were heading to Joilet.  I was 27 photos in before I caught my first R66 sign.

I was taking pictures of large water towers they look like those old fashioned toys from childhood that you stick down and wait to pop up each was labeled with the town name.

The radio was full of mattress adverts.  I'm   curious about this nations sleeping habits.  We passed many mattress shops heading away from Chicago.

Just a fact about those yellow school buses, if the are static and have a signal showing you can't pass them regardless of which direction you're heading.  You can also turn left or right on a red light.  There's going to be some eyes squeezed shut moments ahead.

One of the early images that defines America is its flag.  They are everywhere.  Sometimes you see them in packs just in case you didn't clock the first.  Maybe a flag'omitor relates to how patriotic to are.

Will try to snap some road-verts.  Liked on white fence farm - chicken got ya tongue.  

First town was Joilet get your kicks on 66.  What I thought was a large model of a cow on top of an ice cream shop called rich and creamy.  It was in fact laural and hardy.   I was only counting the legs.... Need to dig out my glasses.  We ate frozen banana on a stick.  A pretend healthy icecream alternative covered in choctasticness.

Got great pics of Dicks on 66 a towing company.  'Mericans like putting things on top of building roof or large sticks. [ car on a stick is not as tasty as banana)

Our next town of note was Wilmington on South East street we discovered our first BIG THING: Launching pad drive in and Gemini Giant, which was something reminiscent of Bewitched. The town has whimsical murals (which I struggle to say )  and where I struggled to take Matt's shadow photo.  Camera Lesson no 2: Apparently i need to point at the lights not focus on the shadow to snap the image.   Matt was more patient than i.  I couldn't be a camera trainer.  

We had dinner in a diner then headed towards Pontiac were I had booked the first night.. On route stopped to take pics of the polka dot cafe which was notable for it'slarge dolls including betty boop.  We chased the sunset and Matt spotted a giant sign for Dwigt which I grabbed. Not sure how well it will come out as it was pretty dark.  We also grabbed a Dwight water tower for Dwight in work.  Job done.

The evening hours were something of a blur.  Our hotel fell through - all locked up and no response from bells so we looked for an alternative.  Mass events were taking place (vintage cars in Pontiac) and two other local hotels advised us to head to Bloomington which has many hotels.  Matt was running on empty.

30 mins or so later in Bloomington we looked yup another two larger chains and Connor the lovely young man in the hotel rang around all the others on his call sheet with no luck.  It was homecoming weekend.  We was offered a smoking room that was 230 dollars but we wouldn't be able to breath never min sleep.   We couldn't drive another second and Matt shuffled into the back seat of the car and by 9.30pm and was sleeping in mins.  Our body clocks were six hours ahead.  I couldn't sleep.  Car park was way too busy.  Matt woke after a few hours and at 12.30am we tried the next town where a guest on a bench said it was impossible he had the same problem.   We headed to the next town.  It was called McLean.  We thought we were in Atlanta.  Met a lovely hotel owner at Atlanta Inns (which had caused the confusion) who had no room but let us freshen up and allowed us to sleep in his car park.  He had a happy and excited black and white puppy who was way too bouncy for the early hours of the morning.  At this point I hadn't had proper sleep since Thursday night...

It was now 1.30 am and Matt returned to the back seat where we both finally snored into predawn.  At 4.30 am we were awake and I uncurled from the front seat.  It was time to look for coffee.... strong coffee.   Day 2 will be a delight.