The Finishing Line

After waking in Victorville we were on route via Cajons (Blvd, Summit and Junction) spent initially on the motorway as Route 66 isn't whole (jumping from one road to another to find it), we switched to the first sign of Route 66 that led us from the rush of traffic to quietness as we meandered through San Bernardino towards Pasadena.   We stopped at a few places, like the town where Bill & Ted went to school and the town nestled to the right of the great Fault Lines were picturesque, with manicured lawns and polished stone, a great contrast to the deserts and almost-forgotten crumbling towns.

We arrived a day early, zipping through the last 90 minutes of LA to get to the Pier and official end point.  We parked in a structure that indicated car spaces with green lights (we need to adopt that in the UK) all really easy and each space was numbered and pictured so you could use the touch-screen system to find your car again if you had forgotten after being in the wave of heat outside.

We found the finishing line....I admit it isn't the best photo but it WAS the finishing line and we were very happy indeed.  Leaning on crutches will never make the cover of Vogue.

After a couple of hours in the sun soaking up crazy stuff going on throughout the length of the pier like a person doing Daddy dancing to hip-hop and shaking his booty which will be the stuff of giggles for a while yet, we headed back to the car and plumbed in the address of the hotel which is in a quiet area only three miles away from the airport.