Day 19 - Dippy roads

Who knew that roads could be a fair ground ride?  I didn't.   Route 66 is poorly maintained in sections and it is like driving over one long cattle grid of shaking judders straight into a smooth section and then back into the shaking judder.

The road ahead looked like a series of steps way into the distance.  Each step was a dip that left your tummy way high in the air which elicited some really strange noises that I had no control of - the most common was "uuuughoooooffff" as my stomach fell back to earth before lifting again.  Just out of the Desert at Ludlow, the price of petrol increased and cost $20 for half a tank.  For the first weekor two it would have cost way less to fill the entire tank.

We stopped in Daggett for a funny building called MugWumps, isn't that a gorgeous name?

On to Barstow that is the home of Peggy Sue Diner a step back into the 50's of pink frill.

We stopped at other towns called Lenwood and Hodge (hilly like Eldorado), and then we were on the look out for a cement factory that is quite famous where everything is covered in white dust and a Bottle Vinyard - bottle trees abound and sounded like wind chime city.

By the time we arrived in Oro Grand, we were looking for rest and a motel, I don't think we could quite manage all the way to Pasadena.   Matt used the power of our TomTom who told us that shed loads of hotels and motels were in striking distance of 7-10 miles away.   Dinner and hotel lay head.