The day after

A long lie in and rest day for my ankle before the journey home, tis healing well - just swelling and have wrap around bruises from toes and up.  I hope to only be on one crutch soon for stabilisation. 

I have whipped out the checklists again - yes, seats on plane booked, airport assistance arranged (Matt sorted), suitcases unpacked and repacked (I don't know why I am doing that but I like "tidy").  We have the weigh-in tonight and will ditch Matt's t-shirts if needed (no Matt, I am not volunteering to sacrifice my skirts). 

Matt has gone to pick up his tri-pod from a local pick up point that we left at a hotel a few states back.  It has been a tortuous experience with the carrier (UPS) as no one seemed to know where the tripod was as daily phone calls and emails have followed us from Illinois.  Matt patiently called them again this morning and after an hour on the phone he established that the tripod is within pick-up distance, about 30 minutes away.  Matt will then drop in for hellos to Danny Wallace and his family somewhere in or near the Hollywood Hills.

Waiting for Matt to return home later this evening, waving a tri-pod in triumph before we negotiate what gets jettisoned to bring it home.