Day 16 - Bears and wheelchairs

I thought that Bears would be off the agenda today but no.  We rocked Bearizona, met a Jaguar and many other animals.  I was in  heaven.  A large group of bears paid too much attention to the car, not sure if they smelt the remnants of the pickled sausage earlier the holiday or the cheese.   A ranger in a striped zebra truck honked to the rescue.  Matt also grabbed a wheelchair so I wasn't shuffling so much.

That was the highlight of my day.

We then trucked into Seligman where a coach of tourists  became the attraction.  I also had an enormous chocolate milkshake.   We then passed through more towns - the Americans sometimes call them cities (I don't think so).   Matt met his match when we bagged another giant.  Giantus Headicus - based on an easter island head.   The headicus won. Just. 

I don't know what I would do without my Matt, I wish we could  on holiday forever.   I am already thinking about the next adventure and no honey..... not across Australia or a tuktuk in India xx