Day 17 - Mission Impossible and Donkeys

Well where do I start?  

Matt mastered a mountain - 9 miles of hairpin bends and sudden drops.  We sucked in a deep breath and said "let's do this".   I have videos.  My stomach still twists with the road that play back in my head days later.  Roads turning tight following the steep mountains with sheer drops from the passenger side.  I was a brave soldier and didn't holler out Car! or EEEeeek! for fear that Matt, who was carefully controlling the car, continued steering in the direction of yellow lines.

The 66 lead us out of the mountains into an old mining town called Otman which used to be prosperous but now only mines for tourist dollars (from the EZ bible).

I fed protected wild Burras (donkeys) sooooo cute.   A baby Burra had a sticker on its forehead to not feed but it was very tempting.  Matt went back to the car to get carrots (yes sadly I had carrots in a salad pack) which went down very well with the donkeys. For all of 30 seconds, the time it took for the carrots to be wolfed down, my hands were the focus of the donkey's attention.

We watched a cowboy shootout which was something comical and full of well-used and rehersed one liners that still drew laughter and participation from the crowds.

Nuked pasta and opened a bottle of wine x

And realised we had stepped into California!