Day 16 - Burgers, Not Burgers

I feel this blog is mostly about shopping (and the humidity). We went morning shopping for food. Into the shop were you want to die with the heat. A tin of peaches and some burgers. In the shop was a box of apples which were so rotten but people still picking through. A moderately fresher box came out and hands were everywhere.

We went to the shop we like best for veg. Found some onions, limes and sweet potato.


Unpacked at home and the smell of the burgers was Not Good (TM). As much as it broke my heart. Bin. Word to wise: "In a Tin - It's a Win.

In other news: last night we cut open what we assumed was a guava, but - surprise - an avocado. So much bigger than at home.

Coffee situation: Critical


Back for a shower and a cool down. Got a lot of reading done.

To the market to buy some things for town. To the bar for some beers. Into a shop to look for things (we found a nice tin of peaches and some tomato sauce stuff for the pasta). A coffee at a bar, then home.


Coffee situation: Resolved.