Day 15 - A tale of two burgers, Havana, Cuba

There was heard tell of a burger place. Somewhere with a logo laughably stolen from Burger King. It was a mission to go and find it. Slogging through the heat we went until there in front of us lay the holy land. "One of THOSE, please." *points at menu. A cheese bacon burger. And so the wait began. And continued. And continued. After about forty-five minutes it arrived. Oh such a disappointment. Now, you can play the same game as me. Mould or Blue Cheese (I'm 90% sure it was blue cheese).


As we headed towards John Lennon Park (and away from the stupid burger place) a very skinny dog followed us from road to road to road. Of course Jane said we had to feed it so we found a place that sold burgers and after getting a bowl for water, gave it the burger. Here's the kicker. The dog's burger looked like it was five times as nice as mine, and for a fifth of the cost.