Day 10 - Havana, Cuba

In Cuba. Internet bad at best. Blogs may be infrequent.

Woke at 730am to the crowing of a cockerel and the tink tink tink of a hammer from across the street.


A man pushing a cart down the street and blowing his whistle. It was hard to see from the fourth floor what was he selling, but it looked like baguettes.

Popped out to see if we could find some bread (spoiler alert: no). Holy mother it's hot out there. Saw a group of people outside the hospital queuing up by a small table with a nurse sat at it. I would imagine they were getting a the flu jab.

Came home with a LOT of (over ripe) bananas.

Fell asleep due to the heat.

Back out to look for food. Still stupidly hot. Bought a big bottle of rum (£2.50) and some pasta, coffee, milk and orange juice. Walked into one shop. The place was thick with a smoke-like mist of insecticide (it smelt like the same one as the one they’d sprayed in the plane before landing). With a lungful, we resolved to give it thirty minutes before returning.

On first glance, it's one of those places where everything is always getting repaired, yet nothing is ever fixed.