Day 11 - Havana, Cuba

The aircon was set to 20 degrees in the bedroom, so not really that cold - but going through to the front room this morning my glasses fogged up with humidity so much I couldn't see a thing. 100% opaque.


Out for supplies. Went into a shop that just sold one type of salami, or some sort of cheese. There were less flies around the meat so I went for that. I indicated how much to slice off. 2 CUC. He handed it to me. "A bag?" I asked hopefully. Nope. So I just took my meat home. (I'm not sure what the meat was. It had the texture of pate, and tastes okay.) The more supermarket shop had the pasta sauce locked away I glass case, such as you might find a Rolex in. No dice pasta thieves.

Back out into the death humidity. Went to a market and got a couple of little model of a Cuban taxi. Got the guy from one for six CUC to six for two. An okay deal? No idea.

Had a few beers in a bar with live music. A guy (unbidden) did a characteur of me. He seems to think my forehead is my most prominent feature.

An insistent kid followed us home saying; "Money. Dollar. Money. Dollar. Money. Dollar."