Saturday: Blue Blue Skies

It is actually warm (well anything is warm when it’s above freezing)  Not the minus -11 so pretty toasty.   We sucked in more NYC smells and feet slapped around Harlem, then back home for coffee.  Near to lunchtime we were rocking on the 1 tram heading into the beating heart of Manhattan.   We jumped out at Franklin street and took a series of photos at the Ghostbuster’s fire station, picked up a 99c slice of pizza (that is so going to bite me later) and pointed our toes at Battery Park but we hung a left somewhere (leaving the park and waving at the green lady for another day).

We ended up in a Village - Greenvillage and a bike store with a café smack bang in the middle of it.  I had cherry cake and lemonade, Matt fell into some coffee and Max was convinced that he was given giant slices of cake smothered in avocado and seeds.    We then separated so that Max could fall into a few high end clothes stores, we went book shopping and swept into the Mysterious Bookshop (which not surprisingly) was a tower of mystery books .  Thousands of them with high shelving and ladders to each the top.

We then had our Best Coffee So Far (well technically for me it was Tea as I have given up on sour coffee) at a coffee shop in the shadow of the One World Tower.

We met up with Max, who then scooched off to the Airport to pick up Jack.

ps.. the Pizza didn’t bite me.   The evening salad did.