Day 1 - Slingshot to Iceland

Well that was exciting, It was the second alarm that woke me at 3am, see you always need a backup.

I threw myself into clothes and then into the taxi pickup and only then did my heart stop hammering, nothing like a rush. The taxi turned into a boat to get us to the airport, as the rain sounded like radio static. We were being whipped by the tail end of a storm.

Sailed through the airport security and had a couple of hours to kill so we fell into breakfast of smashed avocado and baby spuds. Matt and I both wore our headphones blasting music as the lady at the next door table kept stiffing really really unpleasantly while we ordered food. Three toilets later we are on the totsy BA plane which is proud to offer M&S sandwiches. We had water and badly needed sleep. Matt fell asleep before takeoff. I sucked polos as my ears were popping and feel there will be ear-drama later.

As the plane levelled out, the second ear popped. Champion, my ears have equalised, so now for shut eye.

We landed early and quite hard.. as there was a medical emergency on board. The plane was super silent while everyone remained seated for 30 minutes whilst medical crews boarded and helped a person at the front of the plane and then everyone gently disembarked. Normally it is a free for all when disembarking. Not this time.

We have got a taste of the Iceland life as everything seems to turn at a much reduced pace. Our suitcases took the slow route to us, mine turned up a good 20 minutes after Matt’s just as I was thinking about sharing his t-shirts. We picked up a bus to the car rental called SAD Cars. I know that is going to bite us later. We took a ticket, waited 40 mins or so, then another hour for the car to turn up. It was a bit of an old boy with rusted out wheels and a shocking lack of wanting to move anywhere. We also met a lad from America and talked politics - he can’t explain Trump and we can’t explain what the heck is happening with Brexit.

So the hour journey to the holiday home took 3 hours. It is quite scenic and we went through the longest tunnel that climbed and dipped its way through mountains. We stopped at a superstore to stock up for few meals that cost about 9400 kr (48 pounds). 1 kr is about 0.0066 pence. The little lake I thought was in front of the house was in fact the sea. THE SEA. We called the lady to sort out the house as we had rented one house on Expedia but she thought we should be in another. That was quickly sorted and we are staying put in a lovely red house not a one bedroomed room. We are in the middle of nowhere. There is no sound apart from the freezer and I may be forced to unplug it. We were greeted by a heard of horses by the house. Time for sleep and tomorrow.

Pasta/pesto and bourbons for dinner.