Day 2 - The Moon and the Hill

After killing bacon for Matt (the cooker seems to go from not cooking food to Burn in 2.8 seconds flat) and pouring milk over cheerios for me, we planned the day ahead.

We would travel to the nearest town about 30 minutes away (see we really ARE in the middle of nowhere facing the sea) and explore.

The landscape was nothing like I have ever seen. Behind us are fierce mountains in front water and drove to the nearest town that started with a few miles of gravel roads through moon landscapes and then lakes. The number 1 road seems to hug the shoreline. We stopped a few times to hop out and snap pictures. Today is full of waterfalls, one cascading into another.

I met a friendly dog on a walk to one waterfall, thinking he belonged to another couple who only stopped to chat and give Matt a piece of his tripod back. The dog stayed near and I played fetch with a favourite stone he kept bringing back to me until I threw it and it broke in half. Not long after he was on a mission and darted off. That was a dog who knew exactly where he was going. If I name the dog I get to keep him so I didnt.

We then went into town, our rust bucket of a car seems to eat the petrol, we stopped for coffee and yoghurt and then found a famous mountain [the Hill]. I can’t tell you where we went as I can’t pronounce it never mind spell where we are. Just trust me, we are still in Iceland. I will look it all up to fill in the blanks later.

I managed not to burn the beetroot burgers and chips for dinner, quite nice but now I really do need to sleep.