Week 3 - Tuesday

Well the water stopped flowing after dinner on Monday, so first thing Tuesday I texted the apartment manager, who in turn called the building manager and an hour later the apartment manager was climbing up and over the roof with a giant spanner and no fear of heights/safety gear. The giant spanner did the trick and we had ALL the water back. I celebrated by buying veggies and giant avocados that are bigger than my hands (melon sized) it will be Avocado Everything for the next few days.

We walked to John Lennon's park and Matt's sun glasses were too small - see Matt doesn't have a big head. Had a long walk home while the Sun beat us. Had the most expensive Orange juice so far in one stop off point.

Lots of thunder here but no rain. Matt took a timelapse from the balcony of the setting sun.

Avocado on roll for dinner, followed by Rum and peaches.