Sunday of week 2

Double figures. I woke up in double figures, even the street had exhausted its music and was almost subdued and I started to worry until 10:30am, and it all resumed with renewed energy and all was well with the world again. Imagine every house in your street having a party, with windows thrown open to release the beats - that's what it is like here ALL the time.

We wanted to walk in a different direction today, and we got toasty hot, armed as I was with frozen bottled water giving way to the heat and a Big Fan, I had taken ten steps outside and knew it was going to be a heatwave. We pointed out feet in the direction of Revolution Square but the Map then lost how to get there, we were 30 mins into our walk and burning so fell into a bar to have cold beer and ice ice cold air conditioning. The map then offered us John Lennon Park and to one side Big Burger restaurant. Why not have lunch first then head to the park in one big circle and lots of stops was good with me.

The Big Burger place had great chips (the first we have had since Iceland) I then had cheese/tom pizza and Matt ordered 2 x burgers but only one turned up. He was happy with just the one and helped me finish off the pizza.

We then put on our walking feets to find John Lennon Park and was soon followed by a dog with more bones I could count. He followed us for a while, and I asked a street vendor for food but he didn't understand. I then found another larger street stall and one person spoke English, and it is here that the dog then got a bowl of cold water (from Matt) and a freshly cooked juicy burger and bun and left her to eat. She is still on my mind now. Maybe I can go back tomorrow and take more cooked burgers.

We stopped at the park then headed home - 45 minutes away but took close to an hour. 7 miles walking and all I want to do now is sleep.