Tuesday of Week 2

Woke with a monster headache that throbbed until lunchtime, we had to drink water and lots of it. Our first mission was to find food. We are 30 minutes walk from old town and little shops are set up with a handful of items beind glass counters you have point to.

Here there are many free roaming dogs and cats, both equally lethargic.

Street stalls sell fruit and veggies. We made a few small trips out in the first day mainly to orientate ourselves as GPS does not work. The first trip snagged us old bananas and a pineapple. The second trip snagged us bread rolls (10 for 1 CUC = 1 dollar) and a fruit pie. We felt like champions. Almost everything you point at costs 1 or 2 CUCs We then found a mini-market with much pointing we had Cuban Rum, Pasta, milk and coffee. In between trips we drank our body weight in water and slept as the heat sapped all of our energy.

Matt hooked up the laptop to the TV and we had ourselves some films to watch. Outside the children did their homework at tables and chairs in the cooler night air then recited their work.