Monday of Week 2

e have taken to offline blogging.... ready to upload in the one precious hour we have each day.


This was our last day in Tororonto and we made the most of it with a lie in, cooked breakfast and leftover pizza then threw suitcases into the trunk. The TomTom didnt want to work for a bit which made things exciting. We stopped off at the local shop to stock up on loo paper, antibacterial hand sanitiser and tumtums (the hard core necessities for Cuba if we accidentally drink not boiled water).

We were on our way to Ball Falls which are scenic tame waterfalls, and a nod to my maiden nickname as I tend to fall over more than stay upright on holiday. We were hampered on our mission by a street party as it was Thanksgiving - so many stalls and garage sales, it felt if all of Canada had congregated in one street. Heading away from the mass-garden party and seeing signs for Ball Falls we grew optimistic until State Troupers blocked the entrance. Someone must have warned them that I was on the way.

We then snaked through countryside to the Town of Whitby with it's own police force, train station and Walmart Superstore. There is going to be a photostorm of all the Whitby things we captured, my favourite is a flag at a monument and a Whitby Audio sign.

The car was dropped off, the best car hire experience we have ever had, I felt a pang leaving it behind. We found vegan burgers and settled in to wait for the plane. We met a person who owned a bar so will pop by and say hi later this week. RESULT! Our Marmite and Mapel Syrup was waved into Cuba ! We had to fill in two forms on the plane and most of the questions were confusing. We were blasted with antibacterial spray (rude!) before disembarking and a WALL of heat hit us at 11:30pm. Matt's scarf, hat and coat were quickly pulled off and stuffed into a bag.

Milo was waiting to pick us up in a little green car. I have no idea how two big suitcases were put in. We arrived at the apartment about 1am ish and it was a blur of trying to get the door to work, and the wifi (door fixed wifi had to wait until Tuesday lunchtime with a strict 1 hour use). We were too awake to sleep at 2am. The car drive was so alien the dark picked out buildings and the old timeless cars weaved between people walking in the road. It is place where people mainly own the road. The buildings are a mix of new hotels and faded elegence.