Day 8 - Yellow Bugs & Giant Ants

I woke to find Matt hunting for his kindle…. it was in the bed. He was WiDE Awake and keen to in tell me he had just finished a book…. I just buried my head back in the pillow making grumpy noises.

Today’s walk culminated in just under 17 thousand steps up and down hills, and across bridges and my feet are cartoon throbbing. Powered by Nitro coffee from Starbucks I made it home again.

While out, we saw waves of Canada Geese flying overhead making that unique sound they have. The neighbourhood has a lack of cats and dogs but an almighty nutload of squirrals - mainly black and very squirrally. You could play the mission impossible theme by their movements. They are EVERYWHERE.

Ants - there are terrifyingly large, the length of a large thumb nail and one chased me out of a room.

Today we went to the Falls, then took a yellow bug up a tower to see the Falls from up on high, watched an exhibition about crazy people going to impossible lengths to throw themselves over the falls in home-made tubs, balls and barrels, fascinated by a group of Amish people who Matt spoke to - it was odd to see them file into a 3D/4D movie. We then then walked over the Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada and America. At one point in the day I was split in two with one foot on either side of the Line and in both countries simultaneously.

Home for Pizza - it is the eve of Thanksgiving in Canada (which is a month earlier compared to America) and to check-in for our flights to Cuba at 8pm tomorrow. As I write this, it is 2.03 am your time, and 9.03pm mine. You are already in tomorrow.

WAY Up High….

WAY Up High….