Day 7 - Niagara, Canada

The days are starting to blur a little, it doesn’t help that I am catching up a day or so behind… so only myself to blame.

We had a good long sleep in a double ginormous bed, and woke after nearly 12 hours to rain but that didn’t deter us at all - as we have been to Iceland and we are gritty. We put on our walking shoes and wore our feet down to our knees exploring the area. There is a steep hill leading down to the Niagara Falls (we are going to have to climb back up it later). The sky was teenage-moody but it made the falls a deep green. We were not really aiming for the Falls, and had planned to go back later when the sun made an appearance but there you have it.. We turned into tourists and snapped away like crazy.

I picked up a cheeky bottle of maple syrup (the proper stuff) to have on pancakes later but really I am more taken with the bottle as it is shaped like a maple leaf.

We then headed home to rest for a few hours and I got the washing done. In the evening we headed back to the Knucklehead and Matt drank me under the table (4 buds) ending the night with a shot of tequila. Home and sound asleep by 11pm.

Apparently this 167 ft monster is shrinking by a foot a year.

Apparently this 167 ft monster is shrinking by a foot a year.