Day 15 - Oamaru to Lincoln

Up and away from our home for a couple of days. A three hour drive North to Lincoln lay ahead.


About an hour in and a large building painted bright yellow said; “Waimate - Home of wallabies.” so a sharp left and we came across EnkleDooVery Korna. An elderly woman runs a place that houses about sixty wallabies that you can wander round, from pen to pen, and feed.


We stayed in Waimate for a while because there was a book fair, and who doesn’t want to go to a book fair? (That’s rhetorical because… everyone). A new suitcase may need to be bought to bring the books back.


A lot of the streets in Waimate were closed off because there was some sort of road race going on. It took a while to leave, but despite their best intentions, leave we did.

Into Lincoln by 415pm or so. A walk around the town (though pretty much everything was closed). The bar, however, was open and so I had my first real drink of the trip. Whiskey, no ice. Good times.


Day 3 - Auckland to Ramarama

Wait, what happened to day two? Is this a different day to when you landed? No. Shut up. I’m tired. A day happened somewhere, or merged, or something. We landed earlier. But, wasn’t that day one? Shut up.

About forty minutes drive and we landed in Ramarama and the house for the night.

Set in - as I suspect most things are here - lovely scenery the house was great and has a large field with a horse and ewe chilling out together, and further down the hill some emus.

House Panorama.jpg

In the owner’s garden were some emu chicks.


The plan was an early night but no… wide awake at 1am. Still, with no light pollution you can really see the stars. So, that’s nice.


It's decided

It's decided.  This year's "big trip" will be to New Zealand, via Shanghai (though we're not leaving the airport, sadly).  It's a country I know nothing about.  Nothing.

Well, okay - there was an earthquake and they made the Lord of the RIngs films.  It's hard to know which was the biggest tragedy.  A bunch of short people walking REALLY slowly towards a volcano.  Nine hours.