Day 15 - Oamaru to Lincoln

Up and away from our home for a couple of days. A three hour drive North to Lincoln lay ahead.


About an hour in and a large building painted bright yellow said; “Waimate - Home of wallabies.” so a sharp left and we came across EnkleDooVery Korna. An elderly woman runs a place that houses about sixty wallabies that you can wander round, from pen to pen, and feed.


We stayed in Waimate for a while because there was a book fair, and who doesn’t want to go to a book fair? (That’s rhetorical because… everyone). A new suitcase may need to be bought to bring the books back.


A lot of the streets in Waimate were closed off because there was some sort of road race going on. It took a while to leave, but despite their best intentions, leave we did.

Into Lincoln by 415pm or so. A walk around the town (though pretty much everything was closed). The bar, however, was open and so I had my first real drink of the trip. Whiskey, no ice. Good times.