Day 10 - Kaikoura to Timaru

The most important thing - I’m sure we can all agree - is that I have a new camera.

Having arrived in the dark it was somewhat of a surprise to draw the curtains and see the view from the apartment window. The apartment is so nice it’s booked for the return in a few days time.


Onwards ever onwards to Invercargill. We clung on the East coast and through lots more roadworks fixing the roads post earthquake and past crashing waves we headed closer to Christchurch.


As we travelled further south we passed more and more vineyards. It would have been rude not to stop at one and buy some wine. I’m drinking a glass as I type.

Another church fenced off and propped up.


Into Christchurch and the earthquake / church theme continued. The cathedral is due to take ten years to rebuild.


An hour in Christchurch was long enough and the back on the road. We passed the Book Warehouse. It may have been called something else. It was HUGE. It picked up a nice big pile of books for just ten US dollars.

The guy running it liked to chat a lot. He gave us a pretty incomprehensibly drawn map for a book fair somewhere close.

Something about sometimes firing a gun towards birds in the rafters, but missing.

He did give us free biscuits though.


Checked into the hotel at Timaru by 8pm. Asleep by 10pm.