Day 9 - Wellington to Kaikoura

A short drive to the ferry. We had a quick coffee with Mara at Mojo coffee.

We checked in at 12, and boarded by about 12:44. The crossing was rough. Walking down the corridors was like a scene from Inception. We had a cabin to ourselves which was good because how ever much you might imagine I was sick it was so much more. Thankfully, post sick, I managed to sleep through the remainder of the journey.


Prior to the sickness tsunami there were some nice views from the top of the boat (I dare say there’s a proper boat term for it - deck?)

Post landing a nice coastal drive. We passed a church that was shut down after being made unstable by the earthquake.

En-route there were quite a few roadworks (fixing the road broken by the earthquake) but we got to a really great motel by about 8:45pm or so.