Day 8 - Lower Hutt to Wellington

A day exploring Wellington. First stop was the library which had a good exhibition on both Suffrage (New Zealand was the first to give Women the right to vote. Just by comparison Saudi Arabia decided to wait until 2011). After the library we took a stroll around the government buildings. Below is a photo of the Beehive building.


A “Rainbow Crossing” was permanently installed on the corner of Cuba and Dixon streets to demonstrate the city's commitment to diversity.


Lunch then on to Wellington Zoo. It was nice to see a capybara in real life. They do indeed look like big guinea pigs.


The very elusive kiwi was glimpsed in it’s cage under the red light, but this here isn’t a picture of that. It’s a stuffed one held up as an illustration but let us pretend it’s real.


From Kiwis to Orcs as we drove to Weta Cave where Peter Jackon’s films are made. There wasn’t time for a full tour, but we snapped a few pics.