Lift off!

It will take us two days to get there.  We have never been that far from home before.   Having not slept, (a habit I really need to break out of) I watched the sun come up in the company of Wombat.  We were hours from being flung across many oceans.

We took Wombat to Niki and Melanie, he is staying in a much much larger area, which is such a delight and I as immediately put at ease.  I did a head shake (Wombat speak for overjoyed) and we both did a little dance.

Headed home to plate of cauliflower cheese for breakfast (I know, I am a maverick).  Our taxi to the airport was punctuated with breaths of silence as the driver held court in the front seat. Man alive he couldn’t stop talking and he had multiple opinions on everything.  The journey took an extra 1 hour 20 mins so we were scraping into the airport with minutes to spare for check in close.   We lifted our heals and scooched through ALL the queues.   

We clinked glasses of bubbly and waited takeoff.

I hate takeoff.   Soon we will leave the rain behind and climb above the clouds.   Mental thought – it wont rain above the clouds : sunshine or starlight.

Dinner is mushroom risotto.  I have been screwed.  However the lovely chef indicated that the mushrooms were off (you don’t need to tell me)!!  Whoop.  I gave a suitably gutted look and they rustled up an alternative pasta thingy.  Resulto!!

 Now sipping cognac.   I am soooo going to sleep on this flight but first watching Deadpool 2.  Am epic journey.

I didn’t sleep on plane 1.  That is going to bite me later.