Still Sunday   

Once off Plane 1, we were pointed in various directions for single word questions like Transfer?  The more steps away from the plane, the less understood we became.

The cavernous halls stripped with taped areas to corral people was a sight to behold.  China had planned for thousands to fill the halls and only 8 tuned up but China kept us as long as possible to make up for that.

Dropped off bags the airport hotel.  Sadly the airport didn’t do the tours, that would be the other airport – but we were not daunted.  We got this.   Had a shower and got in gear for exploring, sleep would wait. The room had a weird glass wall… So I creeped out Matt. This could be my new facebook picture.



Even the picture in the bathroom depicted the Chinese characters falling over.


The MAGLEV is totally amazing, it reached 301kph and skidded into the city within 8 minutes.  Had an iced coffee and walked in a straight line through City Garden going click crazy with the camera (even man holes were different).  City Garden was essentially a circle of pretty tower blocks.  I spotted my first Chinese nature – a sparrow.

People were lovely and we got a great nod from a security guard in the Gardens.


Sleep now needed as flagging on my feet, so heading back.  The Maglev was the highlight of the holiday and as a bonus we could read the word!

Next flight is in a few hours.  It is so weird being in China but we are still not there.  Currently I am 7 hours ahead of the UK.  I am your future.  On that note, I fell asleep.