Cows, Shocks and Seals

We didn’t have breakfast, we just craved a lie in so that is exactly what we did. We plugged in the next location in Dunedin where we are staying for two whole nights. It is a two bedroomed cottage with a full kitchen and comfy sofas. We would arrive a few hours before check-in so stopped off at a couple of towns on route. Our favourite town so far Oamaru.

Rewinding a little we had breakfast (a cheese roll which is a rolled up cheese sandwich) and latte at a little place called Butlers Berry Farm and then searched for an empty church that was bought 18 months ago but hasn’t been earthquake proofed and proofing it, will weaken the building. When the earthquake hit a few years ago it was described as a train that rumbled and shook for a minute.

I then shocked myself feeding cows - I can tell you I wasn’t a bright spark.

We then went to Oamaru which was picture perfect - and included the Steampunk HQ which was fabulous, and I climbed on the roof of a train. We then hunted but failed to find the famous penguins - they may have been on a bridge but they could also have been posh magpies.q

Overheard at Steampunk HQ:

Teacher: and your Dad called her a slut?

Kid: Yup

Teacher: and was she a slut?

Kid: Yeah

Teacher: well that is alright then

On the way to Dunedin we saw a real live WILD seal. Oh yes it was a bit epic.

Now supping New Zealand wine and planning head for tomorrow.