Putting the Whitby in Whitby

Oh yes, as days go - this was a highlight.

We woke to the threat of rain which didn’t disappoint. It rained so much that it hid mountains with sharp pointy bits. Curtains of rain gave way to a little blue sky and then dark again, by the time we got to our hotel, the rain was snowy and turned into a storm and full on mighty wind (let’s get the veggie jokes out of the way now).

I had a cheese scone and latte (without the coffee) at the Heavenly Cafe and Matt hoovered up a sausage roll stuffed with the good meats. He even played the organ at the entrance. He said it made his legs ache to peddle air into the organ but it did sound heavenly.

Those 10 jumpers are looking pretty cosy right now. Even my socks are wearing extra socks today. Yesterday Matt booked tickets for the ferry to and from the south island at a cost of about 518 kiwi dollars. So far, we have travelled 726 km. I worked out the south island will be about 1800 km in a week… It is going to be a mighty challenge.

The ferry had been cancelled for today, which is a worry, the crossing is a bit rough apparently and was last cancelled 6 months ago.

We then found a little town that was a photography magnet and we stayed a while as the rain paused. Then onto Whitby where the librarian was amazing and happy to chat about the local area. It is an area around 30/40 years old. They even have a Brady room in the library. We bought dinner, took lots of Whitby photos and then onto the hotel for a couple of days until the ferry scoots us over to the South.

Pics below.