Respite, Mordore and Feilding

It has only taken four days, but we are able to sleep through the night. To celebrate we are up to conquer coffee. The Guide mentioned a place called Respite which didn’t open until 8am. We spent a little while exploring the town and capturing wall art.

Some fun facts: Police cars are red and Ambulances are the same as the UK. We have no need for either.

Repleat in Tapau is super. I ordered another epic breakfast but we are here for the coffee and it didn’t disappoint. The music was also ear-pealing as was the little bird that kept popping in and out to pick up crumbs and tidy up after us. Breakfast cost 37 New Zealand Dollars and the petrol cost 71 for half a tank.

We then set off to find Mordor, the journey winding around the lake which is an enormous volcanic crater (which I couldn’t seem to get my head around because I repeated that fact several times until it sunk in), the journey was very pretty. We climbed into the Torango National Park and towards Wakapapa. We found clouds, rain and more rain. No views and no photos. We did get a free coffee though as a young girl was in training at a cafe. The coffee came with a slab of fudge. On the way back down the mountain, I read the film script Matt and I are writing and pondered next scenes.

Below the cloud and drizzle the skies turned blue and we could again see the snow covered peaks of the volcanoes.

We took a few turns to snap pictures, and we found Harrods (see Matt’s pic) before pointing the car at the next town called Feilding which was about 2.5 hours away. A bone freezing alarm screamed across the town at 12 noon (either it was lunch or an early warning system for the volcano). Either way it stunned me to the spot. There are now way more sheep than cows and because it is spring most fields have lambs leaping about.

On the hotel-bound journey I managed to take out my legs from under me as the uneven ground swallowed my foot in a hole while taking pics. I took out a chunk of plastic from the front of my camera and bruised the palm of my hand BUT all is ok. My camera now has Character.

We are settled into a motel and had broccoli soup for dinner with pine nuts, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and planned the visit to the South Island - ferry is booked for Sunday morning.

Tomorrow we head to Whitby and have a day or two to kill in the capital of Wellington.