The getting here day

The List went out of the window as I slept through the alarm and we got up a bit late.  I had the Yackerty Sacks music running through my head on loop as I raced around the house double checking everything. 

Matt and Simon talked Comedy and Religion all the way to the airport.   There were no real queues anywhere.  The only disruption was a wave of red lights that were set off when our passports were scanned at the boarding gate and we were told to step to one side.   I can tell you, this didn't inspire calmness and the person we were referred to had no clue either.  We all stood shrugging at each other.   After hushed whispering, our seats were moved or rather we were moved to different seats as a different plane was on the stand that had been ordered.

Got to watch Wonderwoman after several restarts of the entertainment system, played a quiz with Matt, read a book and did a bit of awkward sitting up sleeping.  I spotted one lass doing a drawing on the plane and thought she was really good.   Halfway through the flight Matt gave me a rabbit drawing which he had spontaneously commissioned.


Salt Lake City from the air is beautiful.  Sand dunes and blue green lakes give way to sharp mountains.  Even the mountains have a personality - some are covered in what looks like an invasion of patchy red ants, others blue and green.


We were at a newly built hotel in less than an hour.  The car is great and Matt took to automatic driving like a pro... we even have a giant screen that displays a video behind us when we reverse.

Dinner at Crackerbarrel across the road,  I am liking Eggs over Easy on toast and hot chocolate (the waitress said there are 12 ways to cook eggs in America).  Matt also tasted gravy (white slushy tapioca) and grits (can't even describe it).

I then fell into a quick sleep while Matt apparently slept in the loo (don't eat the grits).