Packing day

The holiday officially started when I stepped into the house last night @ 8:30pm.  I did a little dance and sipped a glass of so very lovely wine.

I was awake just after 4am... I had a bad case of the Excited Butterflies.  Even my rabbit Wombat was fast asleep, but stretched to join me on my quest to pack up his things.  Even his pink rabbit slipper was washed and tumbled dried ready for their adventure.  Wombat reassured Pink Rabbit by licking it to death when I returned it.  In a few hours time Wombat and Pink Rabbit will be commencing their own holiday with Niki, where Wombat will learn to speak fluent Guinea Pig, as a guest in their wonderful summer house at Jaspers Bunny Hotel.

Wombat and Pink Rabbit.jpg

The afternoon was a flurry of last-minute shopping and packing, I even managed to squeeze in a snooze.  Said stuffed suitcases are jostling for position near the door for tomorrow.

I am making The List.  The List eliminates the multiple last minute checks, re-checks and double checks of all things plug related before leaving the house.