Day 8: Bursting into New Mexico

Who knew Colourful Colorado was closed on a Sunday?  We woke to a giant truck having engine trouble and chug-squeal-chugging.  For alarms, I would say that this was effective.  I thought the truck was going to pop out of its spot and slam through the wall.  

We packed up the car knowing we were sleeping in a new state that evening.  Not many photos taken today as we were heading into reservation country Ute of rolling hills, big green trees and spikey brush.   Here is a river near our hotel.

Durango river 1.jpg

It was about 109 miles but we took a few diverts, passing through towns such as Bayfield (closed) but had a cool water pump, Piedra, Pagosa Springs, Chromo and finally Chama.  We passed around a bend and a hill and we would have passed the Stateline had I not seen the Welcome to Colorado sign in the rear view mirror.


It is a land of cows and horses and ranches.  I did spot a real life cowboy on a horse with a group of dogs leading the way, as well as two deer trying to cross a busy road just before we had stopped and where Matt ate a tepid burger.

Our TomTom thought the hotel was 57 miles from where we were, so after stopping off and seeing a beautiful steam engine, drinking lemonade we found it two miles down the road.  We were told it was bear country which explains the metal cage on the door.   I am not taking night photos then.  I did find a giant bear but it was carved out of a giant tree.


Dinner and whiskey then bed... hopefully no truck alarm in the morning.

Tomorrow ?  No plans, no hotel booked.. We are just driving until we find something interesting.