Days 9 & 10

I know, I am cheating.  It is Tuesday evening and I have two days to catch up on :-)

Today my niece Drew gave birth to a baby girl and I am so thrilled.  That's news worth sharing. 


We bought a kettle.   Copious pots of tea and coffee can now be made on demand.  Sadly we will need to leave it behind as it is a bit chunky.  

No bears terrorised us through the night, we were awake at 6 ish so typed up yesterday's blog and got ready to start the day.  The plan was to find a hot breakfast and then head south.  No hotels, no other plan.  It was a good day.  We bimbled and it was a joy.

We discovered the Echo Amphitheatre where I whistled and birds replied back.  and then the Ghost Ranch, the area where Georgia O'keefe was inspired by the landscape and painted. Our cameras were equally inspired you could almost hear them sigh.   


We ended up the day in a dodgy hotel with ripped curtains that wouldn't shut, so I pinched them together and held in place with a few stitches (I knew that needle and cotton would come in handy).

Woke to layers of ice on the car.  The temperature drops dramatically at night and burns through the day.  I seem to be developing half a tanned face.  


Last night's hotel worked out so well we thought that pot luck was the way to go.    We were also on a mission to find a Magnificent Hat for Matt's head.

Our first stop was camel rock.  Yes.  It is a rock shaped like a camel.   I also made friends with a magpie but it doesn't sound like an English magpie and left it behind with a supply of bread.


27 miles from Albuquerque Matt had driven 1000 miles. 

We also went to Clines Corners stepping back into the Route 66 trip but didn't find The Hat.  We did, however, skip over the Route 66, find an abandoned campsite, and searched for a pumpkin patch, got lost and found a few times, didn't find petroglyphs and scouted the site for Breaking Bad.  Now I have only watched a few couple of Breaking Bad and between you and I, I am not a fan but the landscape was a little bit awesome and I captured a head in a rock - I have found a few so far, and will no doubt do a blog just on rock heads/faces.

Isn't this an impressively big head?  Luckily this one doesn't want a hat.


We are now somewhere but I am not sure where.   About 40 mins from the Breaking Bad site as we will be up when it is still dark to do an early dawn shoot before picking up Jules from the airport.  I can tell you that the hotel is good.  No needle and cotton required tonight.  

Night night.