Day 9 - Half way home

Adrian is the mid point cafe.... But we will be clocking up more miles as we leap into Roswell tomorrow to bag an alien, and Death Valley in a weeks time.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

We awoke on the Texan Steak Ranch and Matt said I had sounded like a drill through the night.  Maybe I was rebelling at being on a Steak Ranch.  It doesn't sit well on my veggie tummy.

We set off early for the Cowboy Church.  Their service is a world away from what we experience in the UK, but their passion and warm welcome shone through.  The opening section was enchanting and I got stuck in and sang along.  We then found the Canyons in Texas which was breathtaking and then went on a hunt for Cadillac Ranch and tagged a few cars.  We met our first passionate group of Hillary supporters who think Trump is a joke and quite an embarrassment.  They were erasing all the Trump tags.

Now in New Mexico at the Roadrunner Motel, renovated to the swinging 60s.   Tomorrow we chase aliens in Roswell.