Day 8 - Devil's wire and the search for tumbleweed

Woken by a storm.  Mighty and ferocious - nothing in America is meek.  Flood water was at our door in minutes and then settled. 

Today the adventure continued.  The landscape changed again in Texas with lush pasture and red soil.  We were on the hunt for tumbleweed.   We explored a museum dedicated to barbed wire, and an age where an entire state moved as its fertile soil was blown away causing devastation.   Matt selected some petrified rock for his office for when we return home.  Later in the day it was good to snap a picture of the leaning water tower, added by its owner who installed it at an 80 degree angle to look like it was collapsing.  Worried passersbys stopped to warn the cafe owner and then stayed for refreshments. 

We also got pics of a giant cross and bible stations, a pair of great barbeque guns and buggy ranch where I was more interested in a wild rabbit (yes I have pictures).

We then settled into the Texan big steak ranch.  I think it's very gimmicky place.  Honestly, the beer was good but the hotel was noisy, dark, expensive and not really welcoming at all.  We didn't have WiFi so that was the icing on the cake as we couldn't add to our blog.  Tomorrow we step into New Mexico.

PS.... The search is over.  Matt has a hat and it is mighty fine.